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((Just pretend this was posted at the beginning of break))

Posted on 2006.12.27 at 22:58
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Well, I've decided to go home for break. I miss my Mamo-chan. So I shall see you all when I get back. Bye-byes!!!!! ^_^v

mmmm food
Posted on 2006.12.04 at 22:47
Current Mood: boredbored
Mako-chan!!!! XD When are we going to start cooking? XD

Posted on 2006.11.17 at 09:13
Yay! I finally got assigned a room and a roommate! ^_^v
I'll be rooming with my good friend Mako-chan! This is going to be fun!

Anyway, on to other things. Mako-chan, What's this I hear about Chibiusa hearing voices? O.o



Posted on 2006.11.02 at 22:30
Current Mood: blankblank
Well, I couldn't decide what courses to take so I sent the list to my lovely husband and he picked the courses for me. *^_^*

so here they are:
Swimming(SWIM) Cuz I have to. I would have picked it away
Dance (DANC) I choose that one myself. :-D
Survival Training (SURV)
Heroics (HERO)
Combative Magic (CMAG)
Competitive Sports (SPOR) I think Mamo-chan's trying to kill me at this point
Driving (DRIV)

So that's it i guess. :-p



Posted on 2006.11.02 at 17:55
Current Mood: bitchybitter
I would like to know; WHO LET CHIBIUSA IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

I was all excited about being here, and then i walk into the dance and there she is. D=<

I was supossed to enjoy myself here, butnow that she's here how can I?

I miss Mamo-chan. HUSBAND!!!!!! COME AND SAVE ME!!!!!!!

Posted on 2006.10.30 at 02:19
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Hello everybody! :-D
I'm new here. I know i'm supposed to register for classes but i heard that there was a halloween party tonight, so the classes can wait! :-D
I didn't know what to go as for halloween so I asked Mamo-chan tp send me a costume and this is what he sent me. O.O

under hereCollapse )
Normally i wouldn't wear something like this. But since I have no other costume and i don'twant to stay in my room all night, i guess i have no choice. ::shrugg: oh well, I'm just going for the candy anyway. :-D